About Excellence Inc.

Working at home is something we started to give small business a chance. Businesses have many hats to fill and we have experts to help on office tasks.  

This gives you the opportunity to do what you do best and leave the office and lead generation work to us. 

  • Need E-mails or posts written and sent? Need public information about your competitors? We can handle your communication needs.  

  • Our staff will help assemble and package not only promotional products but any other items you supply. We have imprinted boxes, cards, and ribbons available to personalize your materials if needed. We are your one-stop shop for creating name recognition. Packaging is done in LZ IL.

  • Have other ideas how we can help you get the word out?  

Call or email, for a free brainstorm session!

Office Ph: 847-726-9535

Cell: Buzz, 847-912-9535


About Excellence Inc.

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