About Excellence Inc.

We will get your business on the top of the target's mind by introducing/delivering your program.
Then our follow-up plan will keep you there. This is a critical step in turning the introduction into a lead.

The introduction makes the first meeting a recognizable event so that the follow-up call is expected. Life is about follow-up, test drives, second dates, playing sports, etc., and most things are better the second and third meet; repetition is a key that we use to unlock your prospect's doors.

We have a five-step program that turns contacts into leads and puts the know, like and trust factor in place. We take the leg-work out and give you or your staff the opportunity to sell.
                                                   We are About An Excellent Delivery!                                                                                                                        and
                                              Have you ever turned away a delivery?                                                                                                 
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     Providing Research,
     Introduction & Follow-up

Product Assembly

We will assemble your collateral material into a package for disbursement to your target. We have helped businesses get started by temporarily packaging products not associated with any of our services also.   Helping small companies grow is a key for us. When you succeed, we succeed.

Promotional And Wearables   
 Promotional products are used as leave-behinds but also be used for incentives, motivation, and recognition. It involves a message conveyed to the recipient. A wearable with the name of a company is a promotional product, but if the same shirt has the employee's name, it can be an incentive.   

Research is essential to save time and money. We work from your list or our researched list, physically introducing you to the target. Critical of any meeting is the follow-up and we offer a five-step plan to gain a potential client, not just a contact.



Your Collateral Material

Part of the introducer package can include; handwritten postcards and envelopes, phone calls, e-mail individually typed. All material is personalized and individually addressed. 

Lead Generation

Lead generation involves research.  We match your expertise with the targets 
within your areas amassing your collateral material in the best possible format that
will generate the best possible outcome.  
We then work out the route and schedule, saving time and money. 

E-mail US

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Tradeshow Success

 Stand-alone or part of a group, I introduce you. Trade shows are where everyone gets greeted and either given handouts or sent to the right company contact. If company contacts aren't available, your message will go to everybody that attends.  Networking events will get attendees information about your business.  

Meetings and Events
 Have a meeting you need to attend but have other obligations? An event you can't or don't want to send office personnel too? Send us.
Anything we see, hear, pick-up or do will stay between you and us, Guaranteed!


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