Introduction & Networking!

We generate leads for you with an introduction/delivery and a report designed to give you
 perspective on the target.

We get you seen - the first step in 
"Know-Like-Trust", which is the Beginning of Business!


Our j ob  is to make sure you are found and remembered by introducing you to your targets and acquiring name recognition.
      We also work events, meetings, and conferences while networking on your behalf.                                                                                                              


Getting you seen, found and remembered is the outcome of our unique client acquisition program.  We can find the targets, deliver, then follow-ups take place to be sure your name will be recognized and you stay current. Staying current and being remembered is what we do for you. 

We attend after-hour events, meetings, trade shows, or any other event on your behalf  (somewhere where you can't or don't want to be). We gather contact information like business cards, flyers, catalogs, and pictures. (a picture is worth 1000 words) Then they are put in a format that will be ready for you to refer to without searching scattered information. 

We can directly communicate through electronic communications, make recordings, notes and act as a representative for immediate response. 

Have other ideas on how we can help you get the word out?                                            
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E-mail:   [email protected]

Office Ph: 847-726-9535                               
Cell: Buzz, 847-912-9535

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